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Sub Packages:

org.xml.sax.ext   This package contains interfaces to SAX2 facilities that conformant SAX drivers won't necessarily support.  
org.xml.sax.helpers   This package contains "helper" classes, including support for bootstrapping SAX-based applications.  


AttributeList   Interface for an element's attribute specifications.  code | html
Attributes   Interface for a list of XML attributes.  code | html
ContentHandler   Receive notification of the logical content of a document.  code | html
DTDHandler   Receive notification of basic DTD-related events.  code | html
DocumentHandler   Receive notification of general document events.  code | html
EntityResolver   Basic interface for resolving entities.  code | html
ErrorHandler   Basic interface for SAX error handlers.  code | html
Locator   Interface for associating a SAX event with a document location.  code | html
Parser   Basic interface for SAX (Simple API for XML) parsers.  code | html
XMLFilter   Interface for an XML filter.  code | html
XMLReader   Interface for reading an XML document using callbacks.  code | html


HandlerBase   Default base class for handlers.  code | html
InputSource   A single input source for an XML entity.  code | html
SAXException   Encapsulate a general SAX error or warning.  code | html
SAXNotRecognizedException   Exception class for an unrecognized identifier.  code | html
SAXNotSupportedException   Exception class for an unsupported operation.  code | html
SAXParseException   Encapsulate an XML parse error or warning.  code | html