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public class: CounterImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    CounterLocal, CounterRemote

This is an EJB 3 style pojo stateful session bean Every stateful session bean implementation must be annotated using the annotation @Stateful This EJB has 2 business interfaces: CounterRemote, a remote business interface, and CounterLocal, a local business interface Per EJB3 rules when the @Remote or @Local annotation isn't present in the bean class (this class), all interfaces are considered local unless explicitly annotated otherwise. If you look in the CounterRemote interface, you'll notice it uses the @Remote annotation while the CounterLocal interface is not annotated relying on the EJB3 default rules to make it a local interface.
Method from org.superbiz.counter.CounterImpl Summary:
increment,   reset
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Method from org.superbiz.counter.CounterImpl Detail:
 public int increment() 
 public int reset()