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public class: CalculatorImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    CalculatorWs, CalculatorLocal

This is an EJB 3 style pojo stateless session bean Every stateless session bean implementation must be annotated using the annotation @Stateless This EJB has a single interface: CalculatorWs a webservice interface.
Method from org.superbiz.calculator.CalculatorImpl Summary:
factorial,   multiply,   sum
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Method from org.superbiz.calculator.CalculatorImpl Detail:
 public int factorial(int number,
    Holder<String> userId,
    Holder<String> returnCode,
    Holder<Date> datetime) 
 public int multiply(int mul1,
    int mul2) 
 public int sum(int add1,
    int add2)