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public interface: Resource [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ByteArrayResource, ClassRelativeContextResource, ContextResource, UrlResource, ClassPathResource, InputStreamResource, PortletContextResource, FileSystemContextResource, DescriptiveResource, ClassPathContextResource, ServletContextResource, BeanDefinitionResource, FileSystemResource, AbstractFileResolvingResource, VfsResource, AbstractResource

Interface for a resource descriptor that abstracts from the actual type of underlying resource, such as a file or class path resource.

An InputStream can be opened for every resource if it exists in physical form, but a URL or File handle can just be returned for certain resources. The actual behavior is implementation-specific.

Method from org.springframework.core.io.Resource Summary:
createRelative,   exists,   getDescription,   getFile,   getFilename,   getURI,   getURL,   isOpen,   isReadable,   lastModified
Method from org.springframework.core.io.Resource Detail:
 public Resource createRelative(String relativePath) throws IOException
    Create a resource relative to this resource.
 public boolean exists()
    Return whether this resource actually exists in physical form.

    This method performs a definitive existence check, whereas the existence of a Resource handle only guarantees a valid descriptor handle.

 public String getDescription()
    Return a description for this resource, to be used for error output when working with the resource.

    Implementations are also encouraged to return this value from their toString method.

 public File getFile() throws IOException
    Return a File handle for this resource.
 public String getFilename()
    Return a filename for this resource, i.e. typically the last part of the path: for example, "myfile.txt".
 public URI getURI() throws IOException
    Return a URI handle for this resource.
 public URL getURL() throws IOException
    Return a URL handle for this resource.
 public boolean isOpen()
    Return whether this resource represents a handle with an open stream. If true, the InputStream cannot be read multiple times, and must be read and closed to avoid resource leaks.

    Will be false for typical resource descriptors.

 public boolean isReadable()
    Return whether the contents of this resource can be read, e.g. via #getInputStream() or #getFile() .

    Will be true for typical resource descriptors; note that actual content reading may still fail when attempted. However, a value of false is a definitive indication that the resource content cannot be read.

 public long lastModified() throws IOException
    Determine the last-modified timestamp for this resource.