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AutowireCandidateResolver   Strategy interface for determining whether a specific bean definition qualifies as an autowire candidate for a specific dependency.  code | html
BeanDefinitionReader   Simple interface for bean definition readers.  code | html
BeanDefinitionRegistry   Interface for registries that hold bean definitions, for example RootBeanDefinition and ChildBeanDefinition instances.  code | html
BeanNameGenerator   Strategy interface for generating bean names for bean definitions.  code | html
InstantiationStrategy   Interface responsible for creating instances corresponding to a root bean definition.  code | html
MergedBeanDefinitionPostProcessor   Post-processor callback interface for merged bean definitions at runtime.  code | html
MethodReplacer   Interface to be implemented by classes that can reimplement any method on an IoC-managed object: the Method Injection form of Dependency Injection.  code | html
SecurityContextProvider   Provider of the security context of the code running inside the bean factory.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory   Abstract bean factory superclass that implements default bean creation, with the full capabilities specified by the RootBeanDefinition class.  code | html
AbstractBeanDefinition   Base class for concrete, full-fledged org.springframework.beans.factory.config.BeanDefinition classes, factoring out common properties of RootBeanDefinition and ChildBeanDefinition code | html
AbstractBeanDefinitionReader   Abstract base class for bean definition readers which implement the BeanDefinitionReader interface.  code | html
AbstractBeanFactory   Abstract base class for org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory implementations, providing the full capabilities of the org.springframework.beans.factory.config.ConfigurableBeanFactory SPI.  code | html
AutowireUtils   Utility class that contains various methods useful for the implementation of autowire-capable bean factories.  code | html
FactoryBeanRegistrySupport   Support base class for singleton registries which need to handle org.springframework.beans.factory.FactoryBean instances, integrated with DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry 's singleton management.  code | html
MethodOverride   Object representing the override of a method on a managed object by the IoC container.  code | html


AutowireCandidateQualifier   Qualifier for resolving autowire candidates.  code | html
BeanDefinitionBuilder   Programmatic means of constructing BeanDefinitions using the builder pattern.  code | html
BeanDefinitionDefaults   A simple holder for BeanDefinition property defaults.  code | html
BeanDefinitionReaderUtils   Utility methods that are useful for bean definition reader implementations.  code | html
BeanDefinitionResource   Descriptive org.springframework.core.io.Resource wrapper for a org.springframework.beans.factory.config.BeanDefinition code | html
BeanDefinitionValidationException   Exception thrown when the validation of a bean definition failed.  code | html
BeanDefinitionValueResolver   Helper class for use in bean factory implementations, resolving values contained in bean definition objects into the actual values applied to the target bean instance.  code | html
CglibSubclassingInstantiationStrategy   Default object instantiation strategy for use in BeanFactories.  code | html
CglibSubclassingInstantiationStrategy.CglibSubclassCreator   An inner class so we don't have a CGLIB dependency in core.  code | html
CglibSubclassingInstantiationStrategy.CglibSubclassCreator.CallbackFilterImpl   CGLIB object to filter method interception behavior.  code | html
CglibSubclassingInstantiationStrategy.CglibSubclassCreator.CglibIdentitySupport   Class providing hashCode and equals methods required by CGLIB to ensure that CGLIB doesn't generate a distinct class per bean.  code | html
CglibSubclassingInstantiationStrategy.CglibSubclassCreator.LookupOverrideMethodInterceptor   CGLIB MethodInterceptor to override methods, replacing them with an implementation that returns a bean looked up in the container.  code | html
CglibSubclassingInstantiationStrategy.CglibSubclassCreator.ReplaceOverrideMethodInterceptor   CGLIB MethodInterceptor to override methods, replacing them with a call to a generic MethodReplacer.  code | html
ChildBeanDefinition   Bean definition for beans which inherit settings from their parent.  code | html
ConstructorResolver   Helper class for resolving constructors and factory methods.  code | html
ConstructorResolver.ArgumentsHolder   Private inner class for holding argument combinations.  code | html
ConstructorResolver.AutowiredArgumentMarker   Marker for autowired arguments in a cached argument array.  code | html
DefaultBeanNameGenerator   Default implementation of the BeanNameGenerator interface, delegating to BeanDefinitionReaderUtils#generateBeanName(BeanDefinition, BeanDefinitionRegistry) code | html
DefaultListableBeanFactory   Default implementation of the org.springframework.beans.factory.ListableBeanFactory and BeanDefinitionRegistry interfaces: a full-fledged bean factory based on bean definition objects.  code | html
DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry   Generic registry for shared bean instances, implementing the org.springframework.beans.factory.config.SingletonBeanRegistry code | html
DisposableBeanAdapter   Adapter that implements the DisposableBean interface performing various destruction steps on a given bean instance:
  • DestructionAwareBeanPostProcessors
  • the bean implementing DisposableBean itself
  • a custom destroy method specified on the bean definition
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GenericBeanDefinition   GenericBeanDefinition is a one-stop shop for standard bean definition purposes.  code | html
LookupOverride   Represents an override of a method that looks up an object in the same IoC context.  code | html
ManagedArray   Tag collection class used to hold managed array elements, which may include runtime bean references (to be resolved into bean objects).  code | html
ManagedList   Tag collection class used to hold managed List elements, which may include runtime bean references (to be resolved into bean objects).  code | html
ManagedMap   Tag collection class used to hold managed Map values, which may include runtime bean references (to be resolved into bean objects).  code | html
ManagedProperties   Tag class which represents a Spring-managed Properties instance that supports merging of parent/child definitions.  code | html
ManagedSet   Tag collection class used to hold managed Set values, which may include runtime bean references (to be resolved into bean objects).  code | html
MethodOverrides   Set of method overrides, determining which, if any, methods on a managed object the Spring IoC container will override at runtime.  code | html
PropertiesBeanDefinitionReader   Bean definition reader for a simple properties format.  code | html
ReplaceOverride   Extension of MethodOverride that represents an arbitrary override of a method by the IoC container.  code | html
RootBeanDefinition   A root bean definition represents the merged bean definition that backs a specific bean in a Spring BeanFactory at runtime.  code | html
SimpleAutowireCandidateResolver   AutowireCandidateResolver implementation to use when Java version is less than 1.5 and therefore no annotation support is available.  code | html
SimpleBeanDefinitionRegistry   Simple implementation of the BeanDefinitionRegistry interface.  code | html
SimpleInstantiationStrategy   Simple object instantiation strategy for use in a BeanFactory.  code | html
SimpleSecurityContextProvider   Simple SecurityContextProvider implementation.  code | html
StaticListableBeanFactory   Static org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory implementation which allows to register existing singleton instances programmatically.  code | html