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ComponentDefinition   Interface that describes the logical view of a set of BeanDefinitions and BeanReferences as presented in some configuration context.  code | html
DefaultsDefinition   Marker interface for a defaults definition, extending BeanMetadataElement to inherit source exposure.  code | html
ParseState.Entry   Marker interface for entries into the ParseState code | html
ProblemReporter   SPI interface allowing tools and other external processes to handle errors and warnings reported during bean definition parsing.  code | html
ReaderEventListener   Interface that receives callbacks for component, alias and import registrations during a bean definition reading process.  code | html
SourceExtractor   Simple strategy allowing tools to control how source metadata is attached to the bean definition metadata.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractComponentDefinition   Base implementation of ComponentDefinition that provides a basic implementation of #getDescription which delegates to #getName code | html


AliasDefinition   Representation of an alias that has been registered during the parsing process.  code | html
BeanComponentDefinition   ComponentDefinition based on a standard BeanDefinition, exposing the given bean definition as well as inner bean definitions and bean references for the given bean.  code | html
BeanDefinitionParsingException   Exception thrown when a bean definition reader encounters an error during the parsing process.  code | html
BeanEntry   ParseState entry representing a bean definition.  code | html
CompositeComponentDefinition   ComponentDefinition implementation that holds one or more nested ComponentDefinition instances, aggregating them into a named group of components.  code | html
ConstructorArgumentEntry   ParseState entry representing a (possibly indexed) constructor argument.  code | html
EmptyReaderEventListener   Empty implementation of the ReaderEventListener interface, providing no-op implementations of all callback methods.  code | html
FailFastProblemReporter   Simple ProblemReporter implementation that exhibits fail-fast behavior when errors are encountered.  code | html
ImportDefinition   Representation of an import that has been processed during the parsing process.  code | html
Location   Class that models an arbitrary location in a resource code | html
NullSourceExtractor   Simple implementation of SourceExtractor that returns null as the source metadata.  code | html
ParseState   Simple Stack -based structure for tracking the logical position during a parsing process.  code | html
PassThroughSourceExtractor   Simple SourceExtractor implementation that just passes the candidate source metadata object through for attachment.  code | html
Problem   Represents a problem with a bean definition configuration.  code | html
PropertyEntry   ParseState entry representing a JavaBean property.  code | html
QualifierEntry   ParseState entry representing an autowire candidate qualifier.  code | html
ReaderContext   Context that gets passed along a bean definition reading process, encapsulating all relevant configuration as well as state.  code | html