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AutowireCapableBeanFactory   Extension of the org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory interface to be implemented by bean factories that are capable of autowiring, provided that they want to expose this functionality for existing bean instances.  code | html
BeanDefinition   A BeanDefinition describes a bean instance, which has property values, constructor argument values, and further information supplied by concrete implementations.  code | html
BeanExpressionResolver   Strategy interface for resolving a value through evaluating it as an expression, if applicable.  code | html
BeanFactoryPostProcessor   Allows for custom modification of an application context's bean definitions, adapting the bean property values of the context's underlying bean factory.  code | html
BeanPostProcessor   Factory hook that allows for custom modification of new bean instances, e.g.  code | html
BeanReference   Interface that exposes a reference to a bean name in an abstract fashion.  code | html
ConfigurableBeanFactory   Configuration interface to be implemented by most bean factories.  code | html
ConfigurableListableBeanFactory   Configuration interface to be implemented by most listable bean factories.  code | html
DestructionAwareBeanPostProcessor   Subinterface of BeanPostProcessor that adds a before-destruction callback.  code | html
InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor   Subinterface of BeanPostProcessor that adds a before-instantiation callback, and a callback after instantiation but before explicit properties are set or autowiring occurs.  code | html
Scope   Strategy interface used by a ConfigurableBeanFactory , representing a target scope to hold bean instances in.  code | html
SingletonBeanRegistry   Interface that defines a registry for shared bean instances.  code | html
SmartInstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor   Extension of the InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor interface, adding a callback for predicting the eventual type of a processed bean.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractFactoryBean   Simple template superclass for FactoryBean implementations that creates a singleton or a prototype object, depending on a flag.  code | html
InstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessorAdapter   Adapter that implements all methods on SmartInstantiationAwareBeanPostProcessor as no-ops, which will not change normal processing of each bean instantiated by the container.  code | html
PropertyResourceConfigurer   Allows for configuration of individual bean property values from a property resource, i.e.  code | html


BeanDefinitionHolder   Holder for a BeanDefinition with name and aliases.  code | html
BeanDefinitionVisitor   Visitor class for traversing BeanDefinition objects, in particular the property values and constructor argument values contained in them, resolving bean metadata values.  code | html
BeanExpressionContext   Context object for evaluating an expression within a bean definition.  code | html
BeanReferenceFactoryBean   FactoryBean that exposes an arbitrary target bean under a different name.  code | html
CommonsLogFactoryBean   Factory bean for commons-logging org.apache.commons.logging.Log instances.  code | html
ConstructorArgumentValues   Holder for constructor argument values, typically as part of a bean definition.  code | html
ConstructorArgumentValues.ValueHolder   Holder for a constructor argument value, with an optional type attribute indicating the target type of the actual constructor argument.  code | html
CustomEditorConfigurer   BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that allows for convenient registration of custom property editors code | html
CustomScopeConfigurer   Simple BeanFactoryPostProcessor implementation that registers custom Scope(s) with the containing ConfigurableBeanFactory code | html
DependencyDescriptor   Descriptor for a specific dependency that is about to be injected.  code | html
FieldRetrievingFactoryBean   FactoryBean which retrieves a static or non-static field value.  code | html
ListFactoryBean   Simple factory for shared List instances.  code | html
MapFactoryBean   Simple factory for shared Map instances.  code | html
MethodInvokingFactoryBean   FactoryBean which returns a value which is the result of a static or instance method invocation.  code | html
ObjectFactoryCreatingFactoryBean   A org.springframework.beans.factory.FactoryBean implementation that returns a value which is an org.springframework.beans.factory.ObjectFactory that in turn returns a bean sourced from a org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory code | html
PreferencesPlaceholderConfigurer   Subclass of PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer that supports JDK 1.4's Preferences API (java.util.prefs).  code | html
PropertiesFactoryBean   Allows for making a properties file from a classpath location available as Properties instance in a bean factory.  code | html
PropertyOverrideConfigurer   Property resource configurer that overrides bean property values in an application context definition.  code | html
PropertyPathFactoryBean   FactoryBean that evaluates a property path on a given target object.  code | html
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer   A property resource configurer that resolves placeholders in bean property values of context definitions.  code | html
PropertyPlaceholderConfigurer.PlaceholderResolvingStringValueResolver   BeanDefinitionVisitor that resolves placeholders in String values, delegating to the parseStringValue method of the containing class.  code | html
ResourceFactoryBean   FactoryBean for Resource descriptors.  code | html
RuntimeBeanNameReference   Immutable placeholder class used for a property value object when it's a reference to another bean name in the factory, to be resolved at runtime.  code | html
RuntimeBeanReference   Immutable placeholder class used for a property value object when it's a reference to another bean in the factory, to be resolved at runtime.  code | html
ServiceLocatorFactoryBean   A org.springframework.beans.factory.FactoryBean implementation that takes an interface which must have one or more methods with the signatures MyType xxx() or MyType xxx(MyIdType id) (typically, MyService getService() or MyService getService(String id)) and creates a dynamic proxy which implements that interface, delegating to an underlying org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory code | html
ServiceLocatorFactoryBean.ServiceLocatorInvocationHandler   Invocation handler that delegates service locator calls to the bean factory.  code | html
SetFactoryBean   Simple factory for shared Set instances.  code | html
TypedStringValue   Holder for a typed String value.  code | html