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Sub Packages:

org.springframework.beans.factory.access.el   Support classes for accessing a Spring BeanFactory from Unified EL.  


BeanFactoryLocator   Defines a contract for the lookup, use, and release of a org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanFactory , or a BeanFactory subclass such as an org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext code | html
BeanFactoryReference   Used to track a reference to a BeanFactory obtained through a BeanFactoryLocator code | html


BeanFactoryBootstrap   One singleton to rule them all.  code | html
BootstrapException   Exception thrown if a bean factory could not be loaded by a bootstrap class.  code | html

Keyed-singleton implementation of BeanFactoryLocator , which accesses shared Spring BeanFactory instances.

Please see the warning in BeanFactoryLocator's javadoc about appropriate usage of singleton style BeanFactoryLocator implementations. 

code | html
SingletonBeanFactoryLocator.BeanFactoryGroup   We track BeanFactory instances with this class.  code | html
SingletonBeanFactoryLocator.CountingBeanFactoryReference   BeanFactoryReference implementation for this locator.  code | html