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public interface: ObjectFactory [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    RequestObjectFactory, SessionObjectFactory

Defines a factory which can return an Object instance (possibly shared or independent) when invoked.

This interface is typically used to encapsulate a generic factory which returns a new instance (prototype) of some target object on each invocation.

This interface is similar to FactoryBean , but implementations of the latter are normally meant to be defined as SPI instances in a BeanFactory , while implementations of this class are normally meant to be fed as an API to other beans (through injection). As such, the getObject() method has different exception handling behavior.

Method from org.springframework.beans.factory.ObjectFactory Summary:
Method from org.springframework.beans.factory.ObjectFactory Detail:
 public Object getObject() throws BeansException
    Return an instance (possibly shared or independent) of the object managed by this factory.