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Sub Packages:



ObjectFactory   A simple interface for creating class instances  code | html
RegExpEvaluator   A simple interface for evaluating Regular expressions.  code | html


ChangeLog2XML   A simple command line utility that parses Castor's change log file and outputs the file in an XML format, a Castor mapping file may be used to change the XML format that is output.  code | html
ChangeLog2XML.Changelog     code | html
ChangeLog2XML.Entry     code | html
ChangeLog2XML.Release     code | html
CmdLineOption     code | html
CommandLineOptions   A utility class for generating command line options  code | html
DTDResolver   Entity resolver for various DTD/schema.  code | html
DTDResolver.DTDInfo   Holds information about a given DTD of XML Schema.  code | html
DefaultObjectFactory   The default implementation of ObjectFactory used for creating class instances  code | html

This class is an efficient repository for EventListeners based on javax.swing.EventListenerList.

This modification of javax.swing.EventListenerList retains the core functionality of that class but changes the basic API and adds a few more features, as summarized below:

  1. javax.swing.EventListenerList requires all listeners to be added in conjunction with a class object that identified the type of the listener. 
code | html
IteratorEnumeration     code | html
JakartaOroEvaluator   An implementation of the RegExpEvaluator that uses the Jakarta ORO Regular Expression library.  code | html
JakartaRegExpEvaluator   An implementation of RegExpEvaluator that uses the Jakarta Regular Expression library.  code | html
NestedIOException   An exception that is used to signal I/O errors which are caused by other exceptions.  code | html
OrderedHashMap   A very simple extended HashMap, which maintains order via an ArrayList.  code | html
ReflectionUtil   Utility class to support reflection-based operations.  code | html
SafeStack   The Stack#search method of Stack can throw a ClassCastException if the items on the stack are not all the same type.  code | html
Version   A class which contains the version information  code | html
XercesRegExpEvaluator   An implementation of the XercesRegExpEvaluator that uses the Regular Expression library in Xerces.  code | html