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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

PropertyType   Class PropertyType.  code | html


BindXml   The 'bind-xml' element is used for specifying XML specific databinding properties and behavior for a specific field.  code | html
CacheTypeMapping   Class CacheTypeMapping.  code | html
ClassChoice   Class ClassChoice.  code | html
ClassMapping   Class ClassMapping.  code | html
Container   Class Container.  code | html
FieldHandlerDef   Class FieldHandlerDef.  code | html
FieldMapping   Class FieldMapping.  code | html
Include   Class Include.  code | html
KeyGeneratorDef   Class KeyGeneratorDef.  code | html
Ldap   Class Ldap.  code | html
MapTo   Class MapTo.  code | html
MappingRoot   Class MappingRoot.  code | html
NamedQuery   Class NamedQuery.  code | html
Param   Class Param.  code | html
Property   Class Property.  code | html
QueryHint   Class QueryHint.  code | html
Sql   Class Sql.  code | html