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public interface: StartElement [javadoc | source]

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The StartElement interface provides access to information about start elements
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.xml.stream.StartElement Summary:
getAttributeByName,   getAttributes,   getAttributesAndNamespaces,   getNamespaceMap,   getNamespaceUri,   getNamespaces
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.xml.stream.StartElement Detail:
 public Attribute getAttributeByName(XMLName name)
    Returns the attribute referred to by this name
 public AttributeIterator getAttributes()
    Returns an AttributeIterator of non-namespace declared attributes
 public AttributeIterator getAttributesAndNamespaces()
    Returns the union of declared attributes and namespaces
 public Map getNamespaceMap()
    Gets a java.util.Map from prefixes to URIs in scope for this element.
 public String getNamespaceUri(String prefix)
    Gets the value that the prefix is bound to in the context of this element. Returns null if the prefix is not bound in this context
 public AttributeIterator getNamespaces()
    Returns an AttributeIterator of namespaces declared in this element