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public final class: SOAPArrayType [javadoc | source]
 public SOAPArrayType(String s,
    PrefixResolver m) 
    Parses a SOAP 1.1 array type string. Since an array type string contains a QName, a prefix resolver must be passed.
 public SOAPArrayType(QName name,
    String dimensions) 
    Parses SOAP 1.1(advanced) array type strings. Since in SOAP 1.1(advanced) the dimension specification is separated from the QName for the underlying type, these are passed in separate arguments.
 public SOAPArrayType(SOAPArrayType nested,
    int[] dimensions) 
    Given a nested SOAPArrayType and a set of dimensions for the outermost array, comes up with the right SOAPArrayType for the whole thing. E.g., Nested foo:bar[,][][,,][1,2] Dimensions [6,7,8] Result -> foo:bar[,][][,,][,][6,7,8]
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.soap.SOAPArrayType Summary:
containsNestedArrays,   equals,   getDimensions,   getQName,   getRanks,   hashCode,   isSameRankAs,   nestedArrayType,   newSoap12Array,   parseSoap11Index,   soap11DimensionString,   soap11DimensionString,   soap12DimensionString
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Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.soap.SOAPArrayType Detail:
 public boolean containsNestedArrays() 
    True if this array contains nested arrays. Equivalent to (getRanks().length > 0).
 public boolean equals(Object obj) 
 public int[] getDimensions() 
    Returns the array of dimensions.
 public QName getQName() 
    Returns the QName for the referenced type.
 public int[] getRanks() 
    Returns the array of ranks for inner nested arrays. In SOAP 1.1-advanced, this is always an array of length zero. In SOAP 1.1, this array reflects the ranks of nested arrays. For example foo:bar[,][,,][][5,6] will produce a ranks result of 2, 3, 1.
 public int hashCode() 
 public boolean isSameRankAs(SOAPArrayType otherType) 
    True if the ranks for the passed SOAPArrayType are equal to this one. Does NOT compare the _type fields.
 public SOAPArrayType nestedArrayType() 
    Constructs a SOAPArrayType reflecting the dimensions of the next nested array.
 public static SOAPArrayType newSoap12Array(QName itemType,
    String arraySize) 
    SOAP 1.2 Constructs a SOAPArrayType from soap-enc:itemType and soap-enc:arraySize attributes
 public static int[] parseSoap11Index(String inbraces) 
    Given SOAP 1.1-formatted index string, returns an array index. For example, given "[4,3,5]", returns an int array containing 4, 3, and 5.
 public String soap11DimensionString() 
    Returns the dimensions as a string, e.g., [,][2,3,4]
 public String soap11DimensionString(int[] actualDimensions) 
    Given an actual set of dimensions that may differ from the default that is stored, outputs the soap arrayType string.
 public String soap12DimensionString(int[] actualDimensions) 
    SOAP 1.2 Given an actual set of dimensions that may differ from the default that is stored, outputs the soap arraySize string.