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public interface: StringelementDocument [javadoc | source]

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A document containing one stringelement(@http://xmlbeans.apache.org/samples/any) element. This is a complex type.
Nested Class Summary:
public static final class  StringelementDocument.Factory  A factory class with static methods for creating instances of this type. 
Field Summary
public static final  SchemaType type     
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.samples.any.StringelementDocument Summary:
getStringelement,   setStringelement,   xgetStringelement,   xsetStringelement
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.samples.any.StringelementDocument Detail:
 public String getStringelement()
    Gets the "stringelement" element
 public  void setStringelement(String stringelement)
    Sets the "stringelement" element
 public XmlString xgetStringelement()
    Gets (as xml) the "stringelement" element
 public  void xsetStringelement(XmlString stringelement)
    Sets (as xml) the "stringelement" element