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public final class: HexBin [javadoc | source]
format validation This class encodes/decodes hexadecimal data
Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.util.HexBin Summary:
bytesToString,   decode,   decode,   encode,   encode,   isHex,   stringToBytes
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Method from org.apache.xmlbeans.impl.util.HexBin Detail:
 public static String bytesToString(byte[] binaryData) 
    Converts bytes to a hex string
 public static byte[] decode(byte[] binaryData) 
 public static String decode(String binaryData) 
    Decodes Hex data into octects
 public static byte[] encode(byte[] binaryData) 
    array of byte to encode
 public static String encode(String binaryData) 
    Encodes octects (using utf-8) into Hex data
 static boolean isHex(byte octect) 
    byte to be tested if it is Base64 alphabet
 public static byte[] stringToBytes(String hexEncoded) 
    Converts a hex string to a byte array.