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public final class: VelocityUtil [javadoc | source]
Utilities for Velocity usage in Tiles.
Field Summary
public static final  Renderable EMPTY_RENDERABLE    A renderable object that does not render anything.
    since: 2.2.0 -
Method from org.apache.tiles.velocity.context.VelocityUtil Summary:
getParameterStack,   setAttribute,   toSimpleBoolean
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Method from org.apache.tiles.velocity.context.VelocityUtil Detail:
 public static ArrayStack<String, Object> getParameterStack(Context context) 
    Returns or creates the parameter stack to use. It is useful to store parameters across tool calls.
 public static  void setAttribute(Context velocityContext,
    HttpServletRequest request,
    ServletContext servletContext,
    String name,
    Object obj,
    String scope) 
    Sets an attribute in the desired scope.
 public static boolean toSimpleBoolean(Boolean obj,
    boolean defaultValue) 
    Null-safe conversion from Boolean to boolean.