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public final class: LocaleUtil [javadoc | source]
Utilities for locale manipulation.
Field Summary
public static final  Locale NULL_LOCALE    The "null" Locale, i.e. a Locale that points to no real locale.
    since: 2.1.0 -
Method from org.apache.tiles.util.LocaleUtil Summary:
calculatePostfix,   calculatePostfixes,   concatPostfix,   getParentLocale
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Method from org.apache.tiles.util.LocaleUtil Detail:
 public static String calculatePostfix(Locale locale) 
    Calculate the postfix to append to a filename to load the correct single filename for that Locale.
 public static List<String> calculatePostfixes(Locale locale) 
    Calculate the postfixes along the search path from the base bundle to the bundle specified by baseName and locale. Method copied from java.util.ResourceBundle
 public static String concatPostfix(String name,
    String postfix) 
    Concat postfix to the name. Take care of existing filename extension. Transform the given name "name.ext" to have "name" + "postfix" + "ext". If there is no ext, return "name" + "postfix".
 public static Locale getParentLocale(Locale locale) 

    Returns the "parent" locale of a given locale.

    If the original locale is only language-based, the #NULL_LOCALE object is returned.

    If the original locale is #NULL_LOCALE , then null is returned.