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public class: BasicTilesContainer [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    TilesContainer, AttributeEvaluatorFactoryAware

Direct Known Subclasses:
    KeyedDefinitionsFactoryTilesContainer, CachingTilesContainer, CachingKeyedDefinitionsFactoryTilesContainer

Basic implementation of the tiles container interface. In most cases, this container will be customized by injecting customized services, not necessarily by override the container
Field Summary
public static final  String DEFINITIONS_CONFIG    Constant representing the configuration parameter used to define the tiles definition resources.
    Method from org.apache.tiles.impl.BasicTilesContainer Summary:
    checkInit,   endContext,   evaluate,   getApplicationContext,   getAttributeContext,   getContext,   getContextFactory,   getContextStack,   getDefinition,   getDefinitionsFactory,   getPreparerFactory,   getRequestContextFactory,   getResourceNames,   getResourceString,   getResourceString,   init,   initializeDefinitionsFactory,   isValidDefinition,   popContext,   prepare,   pushContext,   render,   render,   render,   render,   render,   render,   renderContext,   setApplicationContext,   setAttributeEvaluatorFactory,   setContextFactory,   setDefinitionsFactory,   setPreparerFactory,   setRendererFactory,   setRequestContextFactory,   startContext
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    Method from org.apache.tiles.impl.BasicTilesContainer Detail:
     protected  void checkInit() 
      Determine whether or not the container has been initialized. Utility method used for methods which can not be invoked after the container has been started.
     public  void endContext(Object requestItems) 
     public Object evaluate(Attribute attribute,
        Object requestItems) 
     public TilesApplicationContext getApplicationContext() 
      Returns the Tiles application context used by this container.
     public AttributeContext getAttributeContext(Object requestItems) 
     protected AttributeContext getContext(TilesRequestContext tilesContext) 
      Get attribute context from request.
     public TilesContextFactory getContextFactory() 
    Deprecated! Do - not use it, it returns null. Use #getRequestContextFactory() .

      Returns the context factory.
     protected ArrayStack<AttributeContext> getContextStack(TilesRequestContext tilesContext) 
      Returns the context stack.
     protected Definition getDefinition(String definitionName,
        TilesRequestContext request) 
      Returns a definition specifying its name.
     public DefinitionsFactory getDefinitionsFactory() 
      Returns the definitions factory.
     public PreparerFactory getPreparerFactory() 
      Returns the preparer factory used by this container.
     protected TilesRequestContextFactory getRequestContextFactory() 
      Returns the request context factory.
     protected List<String> getResourceNames(String resourceString) 
      Parse the resourceString into a list of resource paths which can be loaded by the application context.
     protected String getResourceString() 
     protected String getResourceString(Map<String, String> parms) 
     public  void init(Map<String, String> initParameters) 
      Initialize the Container with the given configuration.
     protected  void initializeDefinitionsFactory(DefinitionsFactory definitionsFactory,
        String resourceString,
        Map<String, String> initParameters) 
    Deprecated! Do - not use, the Definitions Factory should be initialized by the Tiles Container Factory.

      Initializes a definitions factory.
     public boolean isValidDefinition(String definitionName,
        Object requestItems) 
     protected AttributeContext popContext(TilesRequestContext tilesContext) 
      Pops a context object out of the stack.
     public  void prepare(String preparer,
        Object requestItems) 
     protected  void pushContext(AttributeContext context,
        TilesRequestContext tilesContext) 
      Pushes a context object in the stack.
     public  void render(String definitionName,
        Object requestItems) 
     public  void render(Attribute attr,
        Object requestItems) throws IOException 
     protected  void render(TilesRequestContext request,
        String definitionName) 
      Renders the definition with specified name.
     protected  void render(TilesRequestContext request,
        Definition definition) 
      Renders the specified definition.
     protected  void render(TilesRequestContext request,
        AttributeContext attributeContext) 
      Renders the specified attribute context.
     public  void render(Attribute attr,
        Writer writer,
        Object requestItems) throws IOException 
     public  void renderContext(Object requestItems) 
     public  void setApplicationContext(TilesApplicationContext context) 
      Sets the Tiles application context to use.
     public  void setAttributeEvaluatorFactory(AttributeEvaluatorFactory attributeEvaluatorFactory) 
     public  void setContextFactory(TilesContextFactory contextFactory) 
    Deprecated! Use - #setRequestContextFactory(TilesRequestContextFactory) .

      Sets the context factory.
     public  void setDefinitionsFactory(DefinitionsFactory definitionsFactory) 
      Set the definitions factory. This method first ensures that the container has not yet been initialized.
     public  void setPreparerFactory(PreparerFactory preparerFactory) 
      Set the preparerInstance factory. This method first ensures that the container has not yet been initialized.
     public  void setRendererFactory(RendererFactory rendererFactory) 
      Sets the renderer instance factory.
     public  void setRequestContextFactory(TilesRequestContextFactory contextFactory) 
      Sets the request context factory.
     public AttributeContext startContext(Object requestItems)