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public class: ELAttributeEvaluator [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    TilesApplicationContextAware, AttributeEvaluator

Direct Known Subclasses:

Evaluates string expression with typical EL syntax.
You can use normal EL syntax, knowing that the root objects are TilesRequestContext , TilesApplicationContext and beans contained in request, session and application scope.
Field Summary
public static final  String EXPRESSION_FACTORY_FACTORY_INIT_PARAM    Initialization parameter to decide the implementation of ExpressionFactoryFactory .
    since: 2.2.1 -
protected  TilesApplicationContext applicationContext    The Tiles application context.
    since: 2.2.1 -
protected  ExpressionFactory expressionFactory    The EL expression factory.
    since: 2.2.1 -
protected  ELResolver resolver    The EL resolver to use.
    since: 2.2.1 -
 public ELAttributeEvaluator() 
Method from org.apache.tiles.el.ELAttributeEvaluator Summary:
evaluate,   init,   setApplicationContext,   setExpressionFactory,   setResolver
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Method from org.apache.tiles.el.ELAttributeEvaluator Detail:
 public Object evaluate(String expression,
    TilesRequestContext request) 
 public  void init(Map<String, String> initParameters) 
 public  void setApplicationContext(TilesApplicationContext applicationContext) 
 public  void setExpressionFactory(ExpressionFactory expressionFactory) 
    Sets the expression factory to use.
 public  void setResolver(ELResolver resolver) 
    Sets the EL resolver to use.