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public class: DigesterDefinitionsReader [javadoc | source]

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Reads Definition objects from an XML InputStream using Digester.

This DefinitionsReader implementation expects the source to be passed as an InputStream. It parses XML data from the source and builds a Map of Definition objects.

The Digester object can be configured by passing in initialization parameters. Currently the only parameter that is supported is the validating parameter. This value is set to false by default. To enable DTD validation for XML Definition files, give the init method a parameter with a key of org.apache.tiles.definition.digester.DigesterDefinitionsReader.PARSER_VALIDATE and a value of "true".

The Definition objects are stored internally in a Map. The Map is stored as an instance variable rather than a local variable in the read method. This means that instances of this class are not thread-safe and access by multiple threads must be synchronized.

Nested Class Summary:
public static class  DigesterDefinitionsReader.FillDefinitionRule  Digester rule to manage definition filling. 
public static class  DigesterDefinitionsReader.FillAttributeRule  Digester rule to manage attribute filling. 
public static class  DigesterDefinitionsReader.PutAttributeRule  Digester rule to manage assignment of the attribute to the parent element. 
public class  DigesterDefinitionsReader.AddNestedDefinitionRule  Digester rule to manage assignment of a nested definition in an attribute value. 
Field Summary
public static final  String PARSER_VALIDATE_PARAMETER_NAME    Digester validation parameter name. 
protected static final  String DEFINITION_HANDLER_CLASS    The handler to create definitions.
    since: 2.1.0 -
protected static final  String PUT_ATTRIBUTE_HANDLER_CLASS    The handler to create attributes.
    since: 2.1.0 -
protected static final  String LIST_HANDLER_CLASS    The handler to create list attributes.
    since: 2.1.0 -
protected  Digester digester    Digester object used to read Definition data from the source. 
protected  boolean validating    Should we use a validating XML parser to read the configuration file. Default is true
protected  String[] registrations    The set of public identifiers, and corresponding resource names for the versions of the configuration file DTDs we know about. There MUST be an even number of Strings in this list! 
 public DigesterDefinitionsReader() 
Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.digester.DigesterDefinitionsReader Summary:
addDefinition,   getNextUniqueDefinitionName,   getRegistrations,   init,   initSyntax,   read
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Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.digester.DigesterDefinitionsReader Detail:
 public  void addDefinition(Definition definition) 
    Adds a new Definition to the internal Map or replaces an existing one.
 protected String getNextUniqueDefinitionName(Map<String, Definition> definitions) 
    Create a unique definition name usable to store anonymous definitions.
 protected String[] getRegistrations() 
    Returns the registrations for local DTDs.
 public  void init(Map<String, String> params) 
    Initializes the DefinitionsReader object.

    This method must be called before the #read method is called.

 protected  void initSyntax(Digester digester) 
    Initialised the syntax for reading XML files containing Tiles definitions.
 public Map<String, Definition> read(Object source) 
    Reads Definition objects from a source.

    Implementations should publish what type of source object is expected.