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abstract public class: BaseLocaleUrlDefinitionDAO [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    URLReader, RefreshMonitor, TilesApplicationContextAware, DefinitionDAO, Initializable

Direct Known Subclasses:
    CachingLocaleUrlDefinitionDAO, LocaleUrlDefinitionDAO, ResolvingLocaleUrlDefinitionDAO

Base abstract class for a DAO that is based on URLs and locale as a customization key.
Field Summary
protected  List<URL> sourceURLs    Contains the URL objects identifying where configuration data is found.
    since: 2.1.0 -
protected  Map<String, Long> lastModifiedDates    Contains the dates that the URL sources were last modified.
    since: 2.1.0 -
protected  TilesApplicationContext applicationContext    The application context.
    since: 2.1.0 -
protected  DefinitionsReader reader    Reader used to get definitions from the sources.
    since: 2.1.0 -
 public BaseLocaleUrlDefinitionDAO() 
Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.dao.BaseLocaleUrlDefinitionDAO Summary:
addSourceURL,   getResourceNames,   getResourceString,   identifySources,   init,   loadDefinitionsFromURL,   refreshRequired,   setApplicationContext,   setReader,   setSourceURLs
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Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.dao.BaseLocaleUrlDefinitionDAO Detail:
 public  void addSourceURL(URL sourceURL) 
 protected String[] getResourceNames(String resourceString) 
    Parse the resourceString into a list of resource paths which can be loaded by the application context.
 protected String getResourceString(Map<String, String> parms) 
    Derive the resource string from the initialization parameters. If no parameter DefinitionsFactory#DEFINITIONS_CONFIG is available, attempts to retrieve the deprecated org.apache.tiles.impl.BasicTilesContainer.DEFINITIONS_CONFIG parameter and #LEGACY_DEFINITIONS_CONFIG . If neither are available, returns "/WEB-INF/tiles.xml".
 protected  void identifySources(Map<String, String> initParameters) 
    Detects the sources to load.
 public  void init(Map<String, String> params) 
 protected Map<String, Definition> loadDefinitionsFromURL(URL url) 
    Loads definitions from an URL without loading from "parent" URLs.
 public boolean refreshRequired() 
 public  void setApplicationContext(TilesApplicationContext applicationContext) 
 public  void setReader(DefinitionsReader reader) 
 public  void setSourceURLs(List<URL> sourceURLs)