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public interface: DefinitionsReader [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DigesterDefinitionsReader, CompatibilityDigesterDefinitionsReader

Interface for reading Definition from a source.

This interface provides a standard way to read Definition objects from a source. Implementations should define what the source is, whether it be a persistent store such as a configuration file or database, or something like a web service. The DefinitionsReader is responsible for reading from a single location. It does not perform any internationalization duties or inheritance of Definitions. It only reads from the source and returns a Map of objects read.

Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.DefinitionsReader Summary:
init,   read
Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.DefinitionsReader Detail:
 public  void init(Map<String, String> params)
    Initializes the DefinitionsReader object.

    This method must be called before the #read(java.lang.Object) method is called.

 public Map<String, Definition> read(Object source)
    Reads Definition objects from a source.

    Implementations should publish what type of source object is expected.