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public interface: DefinitionsFactory [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    UnresolvingLocaleDefinitionsFactory, UrlDefinitionsFactory, LocaleDefinitionsFactory

Interface for creating a Definition s and managing their contents.

DefinitionsFactory implementations are responsible for maintaining the data sources of Tiles configuration data and using the data to create Definitions sets. Implementations also know how to append locale-specific configuration data to an existing Definitions set.

Field Summary
 String READER_IMPL_PROPERTY    Property name that specifies the implementation of the DefinitionsReader. 
 String LOCALE_RESOLVER_IMPL_PROPERTY    Property name that specifies the implementation of org.apache.tiles.locale.LocaleResolver
 String DEFINITIONS_CONFIG    Constant representing the configuration parameter used to define the tiles definition resources.
    since: 2.1.0 -
 String DEFINITION_DAO_INIT_PARAM    Constant representing the configuration parameter used to define the definition DAO to use. 
Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.DefinitionsFactory Summary:
addSource,   getDefinition,   init,   readDefinitions
Method from org.apache.tiles.definition.DefinitionsFactory Detail:
 public  void addSource(Object source)Deprecated! Let -  the Definitions Factory load its sources by itself.

    Adds a source where Definition objects are stored.

    Implementations should publish what type of source object they expect. The source should contain enough information to resolve a configuration source containing definitions. The source should be a "base" source for configurations. Internationalization and Localization properties will be applied by implementations to discriminate the correct data sources based on locale.

 public Definition getDefinition(String name,
    TilesRequestContext tilesContext)
    Returns a Definition object that matches the given name and Tiles context.
 public  void init(Map<String, String> params)Deprecated! Parameter -  based initialization is deprecated, please compose your
definitions factory using methods.

    Initializes the DefinitionsFactory and its subcomponents.

    Implementations may support configuration properties to be passed in via the params Map.

 public Definitions readDefinitions()Deprecated! Let -  the Definitions Factory use it.

    Creates and returns a Definitions set by reading configuration data from the applied sources.