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public class: EnhancedTilesApplicationContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

ApplicationContext decorator used to provide enhancements to the standard context. Specifically, it provides: Future features will include:
 public EnhancedTilesApplicationContext(TilesApplicationContext rootContext) 
    rootContext - The root context to use.
Method from org.apache.tiles.context.enhanced.EnhancedTilesApplicationContext Summary:
getApplicationScope,   getClasspathResources,   getContext,   getInitParams,   getResource,   getResources,   getRootContext,   searchResources,   setRootContext
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Method from org.apache.tiles.context.enhanced.EnhancedTilesApplicationContext Detail:
 public Map<String, Object> getApplicationScope() 
 public Set<URL> getClasspathResources(String path) throws IOException 
    Searches for resources in the classpath, given a path.
 public Object getContext() 
 public Map<String, String> getInitParams() 
 public URL getResource(String path) throws IOException 
 public Set<URL> getResources(String path) throws IOException 
 public TilesApplicationContext getRootContext() 
    Returns the root context.
 protected Set<URL> searchResources(ClassLoader loader,
    String path) 
    Searches for resources in the classpath, given a path, using a class loader.
 public  void setRootContext(TilesApplicationContext rootContext) 
    Sets the root context.