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public interface: TilesContainer [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    BasicTilesContainer, KeyedDefinitionsFactoryTilesContainer, CachingTilesContainer, MutableTilesContainer, CachingKeyedDefinitionsFactoryTilesContainer

An encapsulation of the tiles framework. This interface is used to expose tiles features to frameworks which leverage it as a plugin. It can alternately be used by web applications which would like a programmatic interface.
Method from org.apache.tiles.TilesContainer Summary:
endContext,   evaluate,   getApplicationContext,   getAttributeContext,   init,   isValidDefinition,   prepare,   render,   render,   render,   renderContext,   startContext
Method from org.apache.tiles.TilesContainer Detail:
 public  void endContext(Object requestItems)
 public Object evaluate(Attribute attribute,
    Object requestItems)
    Evaluates the given attribute.
 public TilesApplicationContext getApplicationContext()
    Retrieve the containers context.
 public AttributeContext getAttributeContext(Object requestItems)
    Retrive the attribute context of the current request.
 public  void init(Map<String, String> initParameters)
    Initialize the container with the given configuration.
 public boolean isValidDefinition(String definition,
    Object requestItems)
    Determine whether or not the definition exists.
 public  void prepare(String preparer,
    Object requestItems)
    Executes a preparer.
 public  void render(String definition,
    Object requestItems)
    Render the given tiles request.
 public  void render(Attribute attribute,
    Object requestItems) throws IOException
    Render the given Attribute.
 public  void render(Attribute attribute,
    Writer writer,
    Object requestItems) throws IOExceptionDeprecated! Use -  #render(Attribute, Object...) .

    Render the given Attribute.
 public  void renderContext(Object requestItems)
    Renders the current context, as it is.
 public AttributeContext startContext(Object requestItems)