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public class: GzipMessageFormatterDecorator [javadoc | source]

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This is the decorator for message formatter and it is need because there isn't any mechanism that can process the message before formatting is occurred. For handle 'Accept-Encoding' some kind of this is required. This decorator encapsulates the message formatter and add the whatever functionally when as required without effecting message formatter functionality. This enable to serialize message in Gzip format .
 public GzipMessageFormatterDecorator(MessageFormatter messageFormatter) 
Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.nhttp.util.GzipMessageFormatterDecorator Summary:
formatSOAPAction,   getBytes,   getContentType,   getTargetAddress,   writeTo
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Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.nhttp.util.GzipMessageFormatterDecorator Detail:
 public String formatSOAPAction(MessageContext messageContext,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    String soapAction) 
 public byte[] getBytes(MessageContext messageContext,
    OMOutputFormat format) throws AxisFault 
 public String getContentType(MessageContext messageContext,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    String soapAction) 
 public URL getTargetAddress(MessageContext messageContext,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    URL targetURL) throws AxisFault 
 public  void writeTo(MessageContext messageContext,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    OutputStream outputStream,
    boolean preserve) throws AxisFault