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public class: FIXUtils [javadoc | source]
Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.fix.FIXUtils Summary:
createFIXMessage,   generateEPRs,   getFixApplication,   getInstance,   getMessageForwardingParameters,   getProperties,   getSequenceNumber,   getServiceName,   getSocketAddressElements,   getSourceSession,   getTransportHeaders,   setSOAPEnvelope
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Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.fix.FIXUtils Detail:
 public Message createFIXMessage(MessageContext msgCtx) throws IOException 
    Extract the FIX message embedded in an Axis2 MessageContext
 public static String[] generateEPRs(SocketAcceptor acceptor,
    String serviceName,
    String ip) 
    Generate EPRs for the specified FIX service. A FIX end point can be uniquely identified by a pair. Add some additional FIX session details so the EPRs are more self descriptive. A FIX EPR generated here looks like; fix:// SessionQualifier=mySession&Serviec=StockQuoteProxy
 public static String getFixApplication(MessageContext msgCtx) 
    Extracts the application type for the message from the message context
 public static FIXUtils getInstance() 
 public static Map<String, String> getMessageForwardingParameters(Message message) 
    Extracts the fields related to message forwarding (third party routing) from the FIX header.
 public static Hashtable getProperties(String url) 
    Extracts parameters embedded in FIX EPRs
 public static int getSequenceNumber(MessageContext msgCtx) 
    Reads the SOAP body of a message and attempts to retreive the application level sequence number
 public static String getServiceName(MessageContext msgCtx) throws AxisFault 
    Extracts the name of the service which processed the message from the MessageContext
 public static String[] getSocketAddressElements(String fixEPR) throws AxisFault 
    Reads a FIX EPR and returns the host and port on a String array
 public static String getSourceSession(MessageContext msgCtx) 
    Reads the SOAP body of a message and attempts to retreive the session identifier string
 public static Map<String, String> getTransportHeaders(String serviceName,
    String fixApplication) 
    Creates a Map of transport headers for a message
 public  void setSOAPEnvelope(Message message,
    int counter,
    String sessionID,
    MessageContext msgCtx) throws AxisFault 
    FIX messages are non-XML. So convert them into XML using the AXIOM API. Put the FIX message into an Axis2 MessageContext.The basic format of the generated SOAP envelope;

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