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public class: FIXTransportListener [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

The FIX transport listener implementation. A FIX Transport Listner will hold a FIX session factory, which would be created at initialization time. This implementation supports the creation of FIX sessions at runtime as and when required. This FIX Listener registers with Axis to be notified of service deployment/undeployment/start/stop, and enables or disables listening for FIX messages on the destinations as appropriate.

Service must state where the FIX configuration file is located so that the required FIX sessions can be initialized for the service. FIX configuration file should be a valid Quickfix/J session configuration file. A URL to the file should be provided.

Fields inherited from org.apache.synapse.transport.base.AbstractTransportListener:
log,  transportName,  cfgCtx,  engine,  state,  isNonBlocking,  workerPool,  useAxis2ThreadPool,  metrics
Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.fix.FIXTransportListener Summary:
getEPRsForService,   init,   startListeningForService,   stopListeningForService
Methods from org.apache.synapse.transport.base.AbstractTransportListener:
createMessageContext,   destroy,   disableTransportForService,   getActiveThreadCount,   getBytesReceived,   getBytesSent,   getEPRForService,   getFaultsReceiving,   getFaultsSending,   getMessagesReceived,   getMessagesSent,   getMetricsCollector,   getQueueSize,   getSessionContext,   getTransportName,   handleException,   handleIncomingMessage,   init,   logException,   maintenenceShutdown,   pause,   resume,   setTransportName,   start,   startListeningForService,   stop,   stopListeningForService
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Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.fix.FIXTransportListener Detail:
 public EndpointReference[] getEPRsForService(String serviceName,
    String ip) throws AxisFault 
    Returns EPRs for the given service and IP over the FIX transport
 public  void init(ConfigurationContext cfgCtx,
    TransportInDescription trpInDesc) throws AxisFault 
    This is the TransportListener initialization method invoked by Axis2
 protected  void startListeningForService(AxisService service) 
    Prepare to listen for FIX messages on behalf of the given service by first creating and starting a FIX session
 protected  void stopListeningForService(AxisService service) 
    Stops listening for messages for the service thats undeployed or stopped by stopping and disposing the appropriate FIX session