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public class: FIXIncomingMessageHandler [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

FIXIncomingMessageHandler is responsible for handling all incoming FIX messages. This is where the Quickfix/J engine meets Synapse core. Admin level FIX messages are handled by Quickfix/J itself. All the application level messages are handed over to the Synapse core.
Nested Class Summary:
class  FIXIncomingMessageHandler.FIXWorkerThread  This Runnable class can be used when it is required to process each incoming message using separate threads. 
 public FIXIncomingMessageHandler(ConfigurationContext cfgCtx,
    WorkerPool workerPool,
    AxisService service,
    boolean acceptor) 
Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.fix.FIXIncomingMessageHandler Summary:
acquire,   fromAdmin,   fromApp,   onCreate,   onLogon,   onLogout,   setOutgoingMessageContext,   toAdmin,   toApp
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Method from org.apache.synapse.transport.fix.FIXIncomingMessageHandler Detail:
 public  void acquire() throws InterruptedException 
 public  void fromAdmin(Message message,
    SessionID sessionID) throws FieldNotFound, IncorrectDataFormat, IncorrectTagValue, RejectLogon 
    This callback notifies when an administrative message is sent from a counterparty to the FIX engine.
 public  void fromApp(Message message,
    SessionID sessionID) throws FieldNotFound, IncorrectDataFormat, IncorrectTagValue, UnsupportedMessageType 
    This callback receives messages for the application. This is one of the core entry points for the FIX application. Every application level request will come through here. A new thread will be spawned from the thread pool for each incoming message.
 public  void onCreate(SessionID sessionID) 
    This method is called when quickfix creates a new session. A session comes into and remains in existence for the life of the application. Sessions exist whether or not a counter party is connected to it. As soon as a session is created, the application can begin sending messages to it. If no one is logged on, the messages will be sent at the time a connection is established with the counterparty.
 public  void onLogon(SessionID sessionID) 
    This callback notifies when a valid logon has been established with a counter party. This is called when a connection has been established and the FIX logon process has completed with both parties exchanging valid logon messages.
 public  void onLogout(SessionID sessionID) 
    This callback notifies when a FIX session is no longer online. This could happen during a normal logout exchange or because of a forced termination or a loss of network connection.
 public  void setOutgoingMessageContext(MessageContext msgCtx) 
 public  void toAdmin(Message message,
    SessionID sessionID) 
    This callback provides Synapse with a peek at the administrative messages that are being sent from your FIX engine to the counter party. This is normally not useful for an application however it is provided for any logging one may wish to do.
 public  void toApp(Message message,
    SessionID sessionID) throws DoNotSend 
    This is a callback for application messages that are being sent to a counterparty.