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public class: StatisticsHolder [javadoc | source]
To hold statistics that will collected during both of in and out message mediation
Method from org.apache.synapse.statistics.StatisticsHolder Summary:
clearStatistics,   getInFlowStatistics,   getKey,   getOutFlowStatistics,   getStatisticsCategory,   setKey,   setStatisticsCategory,   update
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Method from org.apache.synapse.statistics.StatisticsHolder Detail:
 public synchronized  void clearStatistics() 
    To clear stored statistics
 public synchronized Statistics getInFlowStatistics() 
    To get Statistics related to the In Flow
 public String getKey() 
    To get key of statistics
 public synchronized Statistics getOutFlowStatistics() 
    To get Statistics related to the Out Flow
 public int getStatisticsCategory() 
    To get statistics category
 public  void setKey(String key) 
    To set key of statistics
 public  void setStatisticsCategory(int statisticsCategory) 
    To set statistics category
 public synchronized  void update(boolean isResponse,
    long inTime,
    long outTime,
    boolean isFault) 
    To update the statistics