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public class: Aggregate [javadoc | source]

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An instance of this class is created to manage each aggregation group, and it holds the aggregation properties and the messages collected during aggregation. This class also times out itself after the timeout expires it
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 public Aggregate(String corelation,
    long timeoutMillis,
    int min,
    int max,
    AggregateMediator mediator) 
    Save aggregation properties and timeout
    corelation - representing the corelation name of the messages in the aggregate
    timeoutMillis - the timeout duration in milliseconds
    min - the minimum number of messages to be aggregated
    max - the maximum number of messages to be aggregated
    mediator -
Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.eip.aggregator.Aggregate Summary:
addMessage,   getCorrelation,   getExpiryTimeMillis,   getLock,   getMaxCount,   getMessages,   getMinCount,   getTimeoutMillis,   isComplete,   isCompleted,   releaseLock,   run,   setCompleted,   setCorrelation,   setExpiryTimeMillis,   setMaxCount,   setMessages,   setMinCount,   setTimeoutMillis
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cancel,   run,   scheduledExecutionTime
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Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.eip.aggregator.Aggregate Detail:
 public synchronized boolean addMessage(MessageContext synCtx) 
    Add a message to the interlan message list
 public String getCorrelation() 
 public long getExpiryTimeMillis() 
 public synchronized boolean getLock() 
 public int getMaxCount() 
 public List<MessageContext> getMessages() 
 public int getMinCount() 
 public long getTimeoutMillis() 
 public synchronized boolean isComplete(boolean traceOn,
    boolean traceOrDebugOn,
    Log trace,
    Log log) 
    Has this aggregation group completed?
 public boolean isCompleted() 
 public  void releaseLock() 
 public  void run() 
 public  void setCompleted(boolean completed) 
 public  void setCorrelation(String correlation) 
 public  void setExpiryTimeMillis(long expiryTimeMillis) 
 public  void setMaxCount(int maxCount) 
 public  void setMessages(List<MessageContext> messages) 
 public  void setMinCount(int minCount) 
 public  void setTimeoutMillis(long timeoutMillis)