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public class: Target [javadoc | source]
A bean class that holds the target (i.e. sequence or endpoint) information for a message as used by common EIP mediators
Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.eip.Target Summary:
getEndpoint,   getEndpointRef,   getSequence,   getSequenceRef,   getSoapAction,   getToAddress,   mediate,   setEndpoint,   setEndpointRef,   setSequence,   setSequenceRef,   setSoapAction,   setToAddress
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Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.eip.Target Detail:
 public Endpoint getEndpoint() 
 public String getEndpointRef() 
 public SequenceMediator getSequence() 
 public String getSequenceRef() 
 public String getSoapAction() 
 public String getToAddress() 
 public  void mediate(MessageContext synCtx) 
    process the message through this target (may be to mediate using the target sequence, send message to the target endpoint or both)
 public  void setEndpoint(Endpoint endpoint) 
 public  void setEndpointRef(String endpointRef) 
 public  void setSequence(SequenceMediator sequence) 
 public  void setSequenceRef(String sequenceRef) 
 public  void setSoapAction(String soapAction) 
 public  void setToAddress(String toAddress)