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public class: Statement [javadoc | source]
Encapsulates an SQL statement, one or more parameters for it and optionally some information about results that one would like to read.
Nested Class Summary:
public class  Statement.Parameter   
Field Summary
 String rawStatement     
 List parameters     
 Map resultsMap     
 public Statement(String rawStatement) 
Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.db.Statement Summary:
addParameter,   addResult,   getParameters,   getRawStatement,   getResultsMap
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Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.db.Statement Detail:
 public  void addParameter(String propertyName,
    SynapseXPath xpath,
    String type) 
 public  void addResult(String propertyName,
    String column) 
 public List getParameters() 
 public String getRawStatement() 
 public Map getResultsMap()