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public class: ScriptMessageContext [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

ScriptMessageContext decorates the Synapse MessageContext adding methods to use the message payload XML in a way natural to the scripting languageS
 public ScriptMessageContext(MessageContext mc,
    XMLHelper xmlHelper) 
Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.bsf.ScriptMessageContext Summary:
getConfiguration,   getContextEntries,   getEndpoint,   getEntry,   getEnvelope,   getEnvelopeXML,   getEnvironment,   getFaultSequence,   getFaultStack,   getFaultTo,   getFrom,   getMainSequence,   getMessageID,   getPayloadXML,   getProperty,   getPropertyKeySet,   getRelatesTo,   getReplyTo,   getSequence,   getServiceLog,   getSoapAction,   getTo,   getTracingState,   getWSAAction,   getWSAMessageID,   isDoingGET,   isDoingMTOM,   isDoingPOX,   isDoingSWA,   isFaultResponse,   isResponse,   isSOAP11,   pushFaultHandler,   setConfiguration,   setContextEntries,   setDoingGET,   setDoingMTOM,   setDoingPOX,   setDoingSWA,   setEnvelope,   setEnvironment,   setFaultResponse,   setFaultTo,   setFaultTo,   setFrom,   setFrom,   setMessageID,   setPayloadXML,   setProperty,   setRelatesTo,   setReplyTo,   setReplyTo,   setResponse,   setSoapAction,   setTo,   setTo,   setTracingState,   setWSAAction,   setWSAMessageID
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Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.bsf.ScriptMessageContext Detail:
 public SynapseConfiguration getConfiguration() 
 public Map getContextEntries() 
 public Endpoint getEndpoint(String key) 
 public Object getEntry(String key) 
 public SOAPEnvelope getEnvelope() 
 public Object getEnvelopeXML() throws ScriptException 
    Get the XML representation of the complete SOAP envelope
 public SynapseEnvironment getEnvironment() 
 public Mediator getFaultSequence() 
 public Stack getFaultStack() 
 public EndpointReference getFaultTo() 
 public EndpointReference getFrom() 
 public Mediator getMainSequence() 
 public String getMessageID() 
 public Object getPayloadXML() throws OMException, ScriptException 
    Get the XML representation of SOAP Body payload. The payload is the first element inside the SOAP tags
 public Object getProperty(String key) 
 public Set getPropertyKeySet() 
 public RelatesTo getRelatesTo() 
 public EndpointReference getReplyTo() 
 public Mediator getSequence(String key) 
 public Log getServiceLog() 
 public String getSoapAction() 
 public EndpointReference getTo() 
 public int getTracingState() 
 public String getWSAAction() 
 public String getWSAMessageID() 
 public boolean isDoingGET() 
 public boolean isDoingMTOM() 
 public boolean isDoingPOX() 
 public boolean isDoingSWA() 
 public boolean isFaultResponse() 
 public boolean isResponse() 
 public boolean isSOAP11() 
 public  void pushFaultHandler(FaultHandler fault) 
 public  void setConfiguration(SynapseConfiguration cfg) 
 public  void setContextEntries(Map entries) 
 public  void setDoingGET(boolean b) 
 public  void setDoingMTOM(boolean b) 
 public  void setDoingPOX(boolean b) 
 public  void setDoingSWA(boolean b) 
 public  void setEnvelope(SOAPEnvelope envelope) throws AxisFault 
 public  void setEnvironment(SynapseEnvironment se) 
 public  void setFaultResponse(boolean b) 
 public  void setFaultTo(String reference) 
 public  void setFaultTo(EndpointReference reference) 
 public  void setFrom(String reference) 
 public  void setFrom(EndpointReference reference) 
 public  void setMessageID(String string) 
 public  void setPayloadXML(Object payload) throws OMException, ScriptException 
    Set the SOAP body payload from XML
 public  void setProperty(String key,
    Object value) 
 public  void setRelatesTo(RelatesTo[] reference) 
 public  void setReplyTo(String reference) 
 public  void setReplyTo(EndpointReference reference) 
 public  void setResponse(boolean b) 
 public  void setSoapAction(String string) 
 public  void setTo(String reference) 
 public  void setTo(EndpointReference reference) 
 public  void setTracingState(int tracingState) 
 public  void setWSAAction(String actionURI) 
 public  void setWSAMessageID(String messageID)