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public class: ScriptMediatorFactory [javadoc | source]

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Creates an instance of a Script mediator for inline or external script mediation for BSF scripting languages. *
   <script [key="entry-key"]
     [function="script-function-name"] language="javascript|groovy|ruby">
     (text | xml)?
     <include key="entry-key" />
The boolean response from the inlined mediator is either the response from the evaluation of the script statements or if that result is not a boolean then a response of true is assumed.

The MessageContext passed in to the script mediator has additional methods over the Synapse MessageContext to enable working with the XML in a way natural to the scripting language. For example when using JavaScript get/setPayloadXML use E4X XML objects, when using Ruby they use REXML documents. For external script mediation, that is when using key, function, language attributes, <include key"entry-key" /> is used to include one or more additional script files.
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createMediator,   getTagQName
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handleException,   handleException,   processTraceState
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 public Mediator createMediator(OMElement elem) 
 public QName getTagQName()