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public class: SequenceMediator [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ListMediator, ManagedLifecycle, Mediator

The Sequence mediator either refers to a named Sequence mediator instance or is a *Named* list/sequence of other (child) Mediators

If this instance defines a sequence mediator, then the name is required, and an errorHandler sequence name optional. If this instance refers to another (defined) sequence mediator, the errorHandler will not have a meaning, and if an error in encountered in the referred sequence, its errorHandler would execute.
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destroy,   getErrorHandler,   getKey,   getName,   getRegistryKey,   getStatisticsState,   init,   isDynamic,   mediate,   setDynamic,   setErrorHandler,   setKey,   setName,   setRegistryKey,   setStatisticsState
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addAll,   addChild,   destroy,   getChild,   getList,   init,   mediate,   removeChild,   removeChild
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auditLog,   auditWarn,   getTraceState,   getType,   handleException,   handleException,   isTraceOn,   isTraceOrDebugOn,   setEffectiveTraceState,   setTraceState,   shouldTrace,   traceOrDebug,   traceOrDebugWarn
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Method from org.apache.synapse.mediators.base.SequenceMediator Detail:
 public synchronized  void destroy() 
 public String getErrorHandler() 
 public String getKey() 
    To get the key which is used to pick the sequence definition from the local registry
 public String getName() 
    To get the name of the sequence
 public String getRegistryKey() 
    Return the registry key used to load this sequence dynamically
 public int getStatisticsState() 
    To check whether statistics should have collected or not
 public synchronized  void init(SynapseEnvironment se) 
    This method will ensure that each and every sequence wil only be initialized atmost once
 public boolean isDynamic() 
    Is this a dynamic sequence?
 public boolean mediate(MessageContext synCtx) 
    If this mediator refers to another named Sequence, execute that. Else execute the list of mediators (children) contained within this. If a referenced named sequence mediator instance cannot be found at runtime, an exception is thrown. This may occur due to invalid configuration of an erroneous runtime change of the synapse configuration. It is the responsibility of the SynapseConfiguration builder to ensure that dead references are not present.
 public  void setDynamic(boolean dynamic) 
    Mark this as a dynamic sequence
 public  void setErrorHandler(String errorHandler) 
 public  void setKey(String key) 
    To set the local registry key in order to pick the sequence definition
 public  void setName(String name) 
    setting the name of the sequence
 public  void setRegistryKey(String registryKey) 
    To get the registry key used to load this sequence dynamically
 public  void setStatisticsState(int statisticsState) 
    To set the statistics enable variable value