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public class: HessianMessageFormatter [javadoc | source]

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Enables a message encoded using the Hessian binary protocol to be written to transport by axis2/synapse and this formats the HessianDataSource to a hessian message
Method from org.apache.synapse.format.hessian.HessianMessageFormatter Summary:
formatSOAPAction,   getBytes,   getContentType,   getTargetAddress,   writeTo
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Method from org.apache.synapse.format.hessian.HessianMessageFormatter Detail:
 public String formatSOAPAction(MessageContext messageContext,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    String soapAction) 
 public byte[] getBytes(MessageContext msgCtxt,
    OMOutputFormat format) throws AxisFault 
    This method is not supported because of large file handling limitations
 public String getContentType(MessageContext msgCtxt,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    String soapActionString) 
    Formats the content type to be written in to the transport
 public URL getTargetAddress(MessageContext messageContext,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    URL targetURL) throws AxisFault 
 public  void writeTo(MessageContext msgCtxt,
    OMOutputFormat format,
    OutputStream out,
    boolean preserve) throws AxisFault 
    Extract Hessian bytes from the received SOAP message and write it onto the wire