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public class: WSDLEndpoint [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

WSDLEndpoint represents the endpoints built using a wsdl document. It stores the details about the endpoint in a EndpointDefinition object. Once the WSDLEndpoint object is constructed, it should not access the wsdl document at runtime to obtain endpoint information. If it is necessary to create an endpoint using a dynamic wsdl, store the endpoint configuration in the registry and create a dynamic wsdl endpoint using that registry key.

TODO: This should allow various policies to be applied on fine grained level (e.g. operations).
Method from org.apache.synapse.endpoints.WSDLEndpoint Summary:
getEndpoint,   getName,   getPortName,   getServiceName,   getWsdlDoc,   getWsdlURI,   isActive,   isTraceOn,   isTraceOrDebugOn,   onChildEndpointFail,   onFault,   send,   setActive,   setEndpoint,   setName,   setParentEndpoint,   setPortName,   setServiceName,   setWsdlDoc,   setWsdlURI,   traceOrDebug
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getStackTrace,   handleFault,   handleFault,   onFault
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Method from org.apache.synapse.endpoints.WSDLEndpoint Detail:
 public EndpointDefinition getEndpoint() 
 public String getName() 
 public String getPortName() 
 public String getServiceName() 
 public OMElement getWsdlDoc() 
 public String getWsdlURI() 
 public boolean isActive(MessageContext synMessageContext) 
    Checks if the endpoint is active (failed or not). If endpoint is in failed state and suspendOnFailDuration has elapsed, it will be set to active.
 protected boolean isTraceOn(MessageContext msgCtx) 
    Should this mediator perform tracing? True if its explicitly asked to trace, or its parent has been asked to trace and it does not reject it
 protected boolean isTraceOrDebugOn(boolean isTraceOn) 
    Is tracing or debug logging on?
 public  void onChildEndpointFail(Endpoint endpoint,
    MessageContext synMessageContext) 
 public  void onFault(MessageContext synCtx) 
 public  void send(MessageContext synCtx) 
    Sends the message through this endpoint. This method just handles statistics related functions and gives the message to the Synapse environment to send. It does not add any endpoint specific details to the message context. These details are added only to the cloned message context by the Axis2FlexibleMepClient. So that we can reuse the original message context for resending through different endpoints.
 public  void setActive(boolean active,
    MessageContext synMessageContext) 
    Sets if endpoint active or not. if endpoint is set as failed (active = false), the recover on time is calculated so that it will be activated after the recover on time.
 public  void setEndpoint(EndpointDefinition endpoint) 
 public  void setName(String name) 
 public  void setParentEndpoint(Endpoint parentEndpoint) 
 public  void setPortName(String portName) 
 public  void setServiceName(String serviceName) 
 public  void setWsdlDoc(OMElement wsdlDoc) 
 public  void setWsdlURI(String wsdlURI) 
 protected  void traceOrDebug(boolean traceOn,
    String msg) 
    Perform Trace and Debug logging of a message @INFO (trace) and DEBUG (log)