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public class: AddressEndpoint [javadoc | source]

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This class represents an actual endpoint to send the message. It is responsible for sending the message, performing retries if a failure occurred and informing the parent endpoint if a failure couldn't be recovered.
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isActive,   onFault,   send,   setActive
Methods from org.apache.synapse.endpoints.DefaultEndpoint:
getEndpoint,   getName,   isActive,   isTraceOn,   isTraceOrDebugOn,   onChildEndpointFail,   onFault,   send,   setActive,   setEndpoint,   setName,   setParentEndpoint,   traceOrDebug
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getStackTrace,   handleFault,   handleFault,   onFault
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Method from org.apache.synapse.endpoints.AddressEndpoint Detail:
 public boolean isActive(MessageContext synMessageContext) 
    Checks if the endpoint is active (failed or not). If endpoint is in failed state and suspendOnFailDuration has elapsed, it will be set to active.
 public  void onFault(MessageContext synCtx) 
 public  void send(MessageContext synCtx) 
    Sends the message through this endpoint. This method just handles statistics related functions and gives the message to the Synapse environment to send. It does not add any endpoint specific details to the message context. These details are added only to the cloned message context by the Axis2FlexibleMepClient. So that we can reuse the original message context for resending through different endpoints.
 public synchronized  void setActive(boolean active,
    MessageContext synMessageContext) 
    Sets if endpoint active or not. if endpoint is set as failed (active = false), the recover on time is calculated so that it will be activated after the recover on time.