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public class: FixedTextCellRenderer [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

usefull if a column has an embeded ID number needed for a link but you want it to say something else.
Field Summary
protected  String _text    this is the text that will be shown in the column 
Fields inherited from org.apache.struts2.components.table.renderer.AbstractCellRenderer:
Method from org.apache.struts2.components.table.renderer.FixedTextCellRenderer Summary:
getCellValue,   getText,   setText
Methods from org.apache.struts2.components.table.renderer.AbstractCellRenderer:
getAlignment,   getCellValue,   isAligned,   renderCell,   setAlignment
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Method from org.apache.struts2.components.table.renderer.FixedTextCellRenderer Detail:
 public String getCellValue(WebTable table,
    Object data,
    int row,
    int col) 
 public String getText() 
 public  void setText(String text)