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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

ResourceProvider   The ResourceProvider defines a simple API to access resources from the environment depending on how Sling is launched.  code | html


BootstrapInstaller   The BootstrapInstaller class is installed into the OSGi framework as an activator to be called when the framework is starting up.  code | html
ClassLoaderResourceProvider   The ClassLoaderResourceProvider TODO  code | html
ContextConnection   The ContextConnection extends the java.net.URLConnection to provide access to a resource which is available from ResourceProvider provided to Sling code | html
ContextProtocolHandler   The ContextProtocolHandler is a simple extension of the OSGi provided AbstractURLStreamHandlerService which simply returns an instance of the ContextConnection when trying to open the connection of the URL.  code | html
DeploymentPackageInstaller   This is the deployment package installer.  code | html
Sling   The Sling serves as the starting point for Sling.  code | html
SlingFelix     code | html
SlingFelix.Notifier     code | html