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public class: HttpRequestImpl [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A class to take care of HTTP Requests. It parses headers, content, form and url parameters.
Field Summary
public static final  String FORM_URL_ENCODED     
public static final  String MULITPART_FORM_DATA     
public static final  String FILENAME     
public static final  String NAME     
protected static final  String EJBSESSIONID     
Method from org.apache.openejb.webadmin.httpd.HttpRequestImpl Summary:
getCookie,   getCookies,   getFormParameter,   getFormParameters,   getHeader,   getMethod,   getMethodString,   getPathString,   getQueryParameter,   getRequestLine,   getSession,   getSession,   getURI,   readMessage
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Method from org.apache.openejb.webadmin.httpd.HttpRequestImpl Detail:
 protected String getCookie(String name) 
 protected HashMap getCookies() 
 public String getFormParameter(String name) 
    Gets a form parameter based on the name passed in.
 public String[][] getFormParameters() 
    Gets all the form parameters in the form of a two-dimentional array The second dimention has two indexes which contain the key and value for example: for(int i=0; i All values are strings
 public String getHeader(String name) 
    Gets a header based the header name passed in.
 public int getMethod() 
    Gets an integer value of the request method. These values are: OPTIONS = 0 GET = 1 HEAD = 2 POST = 3 PUT = 4 DELETE = 5 TRACE = 6 CONNECT = 7 UNSUPPORTED = 8
 public String getMethodString() 
 public String getPathString() 
 public String getQueryParameter(String name) 
    Gets a URL (or query) parameter based on the name passed in.
 protected String getRequestLine() 
 public HttpSession getSession() 
 public HttpSession getSession(boolean create) 
 public URL getURI() 
    Gets the URI for the current URL page.
 protected  void readMessage(InputStream input) throws IOException 
    parses the request into the 3 different parts, request, headers, and body