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public class: DefaultHttpBean [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This is a webadmin bean which has default functionality such as genderating error pages and setting page content.
Method from org.apache.openejb.webadmin.httpd.DefaultHttpBean Summary:
do404,   do500,   ejbActivate,   ejbCreate,   ejbPassivate,   ejbRemove,   onMessage,   setSessionContext
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Method from org.apache.openejb.webadmin.httpd.DefaultHttpBean Detail:
 public  void do404(HttpRequest request,
    HttpResponse response) 
    Creates a "Page not found" error screen
 public  void do500(HttpRequest request,
    HttpResponse response,
    String message) 
    Creates and "Internal Server Error" page
 public  void ejbActivate() throws EJBException, RemoteException 
    called on a stateful sessionbean after the bean is deserialized from storage and put back into use.
 public  void ejbCreate() 
    Creates a new instance
 public  void ejbPassivate() throws EJBException, RemoteException 
    called on a stateful sessionbean before the bean is removed from memory and serialized to a temporary store. This method is never called on a stateless sessionbean
 public  void ejbRemove() throws EJBException, RemoteException 
    called by the ejb container when this bean is about to be garbage collected
 public  void onMessage(HttpRequest request,
    HttpResponse response) throws IOException 
    the main processing part of the this bean
 public  void setSessionContext(SessionContext sessionContext) throws EJBException, RemoteException 
    sets the session context for this bean