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public class: CmpContainer [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Field Summary
protected final  Object containerID     
protected final  SecurityService securityService     
protected final  Map<Object, DeploymentInfo> deploymentsById    Index used for getDeployments() and getDeploymentInfo(deploymentId). 
protected final  Map<Class, DeploymentInfo> deploymentsByClass    When events are fired from the CMP engine only an entity bean instance is returned. The type of the bean is used to find the deployment info. This means that when the same type is used multiple ejb deployments a random deployment will be selected to handle the ejb callback. 
protected final  CmpEngine cmpEngine    The CmpEngine which performs the actual persistence operations 
protected  EntrancyTracker entrancyTracker    Tracks entity instances that have been "entered" so we can throw reentrancy exceptions. 
protected  TransactionSynchronizationRegistry synchronizationRegistry     
 public CmpContainer(Object id,
    TransactionManager transactionManager,
    SecurityService securityService,
    String cmpEngineFactory) throws OpenEJBException 
Method from org.apache.openejb.core.cmp.CmpContainer Summary:
deploy,   deploy,   deployments,   getContainerID,   getContainerType,   getDeploymentInfo,   getEjbInstance,   invoke,   invoke,   invoke,   select,   undeploy,   undeploy,   update
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Method from org.apache.openejb.core.cmp.CmpContainer Detail:
 public  void deploy(DeploymentInfo deploymentInfo) throws OpenEJBException 
 public  void deploy(CoreDeploymentInfo deploymentInfo) throws OpenEJBException 
 public synchronized DeploymentInfo[] deployments() 
 public Object getContainerID() 
 public ContainerType getContainerType() 
 public synchronized DeploymentInfo getDeploymentInfo(Object deploymentID) 
 public Object getEjbInstance(CoreDeploymentInfo deployInfo,
    Object primaryKey) 
 public Object invoke(Object deployID,
    Method callMethod,
    Object[] args,
    Object primKey,
    Object securityIdentity) throws OpenEJBException 
Deprecated! use - invoke signature without 'securityIdentity' argument.

 public Object invoke(Object deployID,
    Class callInterface,
    Method callMethod,
    Object[] args,
    Object primKey) throws OpenEJBException 
 public Object invoke(Object deployID,
    InterfaceType type,
    Class callInterface,
    Method callMethod,
    Object[] args,
    Object primKey) throws OpenEJBException 
 public Object select(DeploymentInfo di,
    String methodSignature,
    String returnType,
    Object args) throws FinderException 
 public  void undeploy(DeploymentInfo deploymentInfo) throws OpenEJBException 
 public  void undeploy(CoreDeploymentInfo deploymentInfo) throws OpenEJBException 
 public int update(DeploymentInfo di,
    String methodSignature,
    Object args) throws FinderException