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Sub Packages:


Abstract Classes:

AbstractArtifactTask   Base class for artifact tasks.  code | html
AbstractArtifactWithRepositoryTask   Base class for atifact tasks that are able to download artifact from repote repositories.  code | html
InstallDeployTaskSupport   Support for install/deploy tasks.  code | html
Repository   Base class for a repository.  code | html


AntDownloadMonitor   Log wagon events in the ant tasks  code | html
AntResolutionListener   Show resolution information in Ant.  code | html
AttachedArtifact   Container for specification of an attached artifact.  code | html
Authentication   Ant Wrapper for wagon authentication.  code | html
DependenciesTask   Dependencies task, using maven-artifact.  code | html
DeployTask   Deploy task, using maven-artifact.  code | html
InstallTask   Install task, using maven-artifact.  code | html
InstallWagonProviderTask   Ant Wrapper for wagon provider installation.  code | html
LocalRepository   Local repository type.  code | html
Mvn   Ant task to execute a maven build.  code | html
Pom   A POM typedef.  code | html
Pom.POMPropertyHelper   The property intercepter that handles the calls for "pom." properties  code | html
Profile   Container for activating profiles  code | html
Proxy   Ant Wrapper for wagon proxy.  code | html
RemoteRepository   Remote repository type.  code | html
RepositoryPolicy   Base class for a repository policy.  code | html
SpecificScopesArtifactFilter   Filter to only retain objects in the given scope(s).  code | html
TypesArtifactFilter   Artifact Filter which filters on artifact types.  code | html
VersionMapper   Ant filename mapper to remove version info from filename when copying dependencies.  code | html
WritePomTask   Write a POM to a file.  code | html