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Sub Packages:

org.apache.lucene.store.db   Berkeley DB 4.3 based implementation of Directory .  
org.apache.lucene.store.instantiated   InstantiatedIndex, alternative RAM store for small corpora. WARNING: This contrib is experimental and the APIs may change without warning. Abstract Represented as a coupled graph of class instances, this all-in-memory index store implementation delivers search results up to a 100 times faster than the file-centric RAMDirectory at the cost of greater RAM consumption.  
org.apache.lucene.store.je   Berkeley DB Java Edition based implementation of Directory .  

Abstract Classes:

BufferedIndexInput   Base implementation class for buffered IndexInput code | html
BufferedIndexOutput   Base implementation class for buffered IndexOutput code | html
Directory   A Directory is a flat list of files.  code | html
FSDirectory   Base class for Directory implementations that store index files in the file system.  code | html
FSLockFactory   Base class for file system based locking implementation.  code | html
IndexInput   Abstract base class for input from a file in a Directory code | html
IndexOutput   Abstract base class for output to a file in a Directory.  code | html
InputStream   Abstract base class for input from a file in a Directory code | html
Lock   An interprocess mutex lock.  code | html
Lock.With   Utility class for executing code with exclusive access.  code | html

Base class for Locking implementation. 

code | html
OutputStream   Abstract class for output to a file in a Directory.  code | html


AlreadyClosedException   This exception is thrown when there is an attempt to access something that has already been closed.  code | html
ChecksumIndexInput   Writes bytes through to a primary IndexOutput, computing checksum as it goes.  code | html
ChecksumIndexOutput   Writes bytes through to a primary IndexOutput, computing checksum.  code | html
FileSwitchDirectory   Expert: A Directory instance that switches files between two other Directory instances.  code | html
GCJDirectory   Native file-based Directory implementation, using GCJ.  code | html
GCJIndexInput   Native file-based IndexInput implementation, using GCJ.  code | html
LockObtainFailedException   This exception is thrown when the write.lock could not be acquired.  code | html
LockReleaseFailedException   This exception is thrown when the write.lock could not be released.  code | html
LockStressTest   Simple standalone tool that forever acquires & releases a lock using a specific LockFactory.  code | html
LockVerifyServer   Simple standalone server that must be running when you use VerifyingLockFactory code | html
MMapDirectory   File-based Directory implementation that uses mmap for reading, and SimpleFSDirectory.SimpleFSIndexOutput for writing.  code | html
MMapDirectory.MMapIndexInput     code | html
MMapDirectory.MultiMMapIndexInput     code | html
NIOFSDirectory   An FSDirectory implementation that uses java.nio's FileChannel's positional read, which allows multiple threads to read from the same file without synchronizing.  code | html
NIOFSDirectory.NIOFSIndexInput     code | html
NativeFSLock     code | html

Implements LockFactory using native OS file locks. 

code | html
NoLock     code | html
NoLockFactory   Use this LockFactory to disable locking entirely.  code | html
NoSuchDirectoryException   This exception is thrown when you try to list a non-existent directory.  code | html
RAMDirectory   A memory-resident Directory implementation.  code | html
RAMFile   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
RAMInputStream   A memory-resident IndexInput implementation.  code | html
RAMOutputStream   A memory-resident IndexOutput implementation.  code | html
SimpleFSDirectory   A straightforward implementation of FSDirectory using java.io.RandomAccessFile.  code | html
SimpleFSDirectory.SimpleFSIndexInput     code | html
SimpleFSDirectory.SimpleFSIndexInput.Descriptor     code | html
SimpleFSDirectory.SimpleFSIndexOutput     code | html
SimpleFSLock     code | html

Implements LockFactory using File#createNewFile() .

NOTE: the javadocs for File.createNewFile contain a vague yet spooky warning about not using the API for file locking. 

code | html
SingleInstanceLock     code | html
SingleInstanceLockFactory   Implements LockFactory for a single in-process instance, meaning all locking will take place through this one instance.  code | html
VerifyingLockFactory   A LockFactory that wraps another LockFactory and verifies that each lock obtain/release is "correct" (never results in two processes holding the lock at the same time).  code | html
VerifyingLockFactory.CheckedLock     code | html
_TestHelper   This class provides access to package-level features defined in the store package.  code | html