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Dictionary   A simple interface representing a Dictionary.  code | html
StringDistance   Interface for string distances.  code | html


JaroWinklerDistance   Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more contributor license agreements.  code | html
LevensteinDistance   Levenstein edit distance class.  code | html
LuceneDictionary   Lucene Dictionary: terms taken from the given field of a Lucene index.  code | html
LuceneDictionary.LuceneIterator     code | html
NGramDistance   N-Gram version of edit distance based on paper by Grzegorz Kondrak, "N-gram similarity and distance".  code | html
PlainTextDictionary   Dictionary represented by a text file.  code | html
PlainTextDictionary.fileIterator     code | html

Spell Checker class (Main class)
(initially inspired by the David Spencer code). 

code | html
SuggestWord   SuggestWord, used in suggestSimilar method in SpellChecker class.  code | html
SuggestWordQueue   Sorts SuggestWord instances  code | html
TRStringDistance   Edit distance class  code | html