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public class: StandardSyntaxParserTokenManager [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Token Manager.
Field Summary
public  PrintStream debugStream    Debug output. 
static final  long[] jjbitVec0     
static final  long[] jjbitVec1     
static final  long[] jjbitVec3     
static final  long[] jjbitVec4     
static final  int[] jjnextStates     
public static final  String[] jjstrLiteralImages    Token literal values. 
public static final  String[] lexStateNames    Lexer state names. 
public static final  int[] jjnewLexState    Lex State array. 
static final  long[] jjtoToken     
static final  long[] jjtoSkip     
protected  JavaCharStream input_stream     
protected  char curChar     
 int curLexState     
 int defaultLexState     
 int jjnewStateCnt     
 int jjround     
 int jjmatchedPos     
 int jjmatchedKind     
 public StandardSyntaxParserTokenManager(JavaCharStream stream) 
 public StandardSyntaxParserTokenManager(JavaCharStream stream,
    int lexState) 
Method from org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.parser.StandardSyntaxParserTokenManager Summary:
ReInit,   ReInit,   SwitchTo,   getNextToken,   jjFillToken,   setDebugStream
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Method from org.apache.lucene.queryParser.standard.parser.StandardSyntaxParserTokenManager Detail:
 public  void ReInit(JavaCharStream stream) 
    Reinitialise parser.
 public  void ReInit(JavaCharStream stream,
    int lexState) 
    Reinitialise parser.
 public  void SwitchTo(int lexState) 
    Switch to specified lex state.
 public Token getNextToken() 
    Get the next Token.
 protected Token jjFillToken() 
 public  void setDebugStream(PrintStream ds) 
    Set debug output.