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public class: SlopQueryNode [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    FieldableNode, Cloneable, QueryNode

A SlopQueryNode represents phrase query with a slop. From Lucene FAQ: Is there a way to use a proximity operator (like near or within) with Lucene? There is a variable called slop that allows you to perform NEAR/WITHIN-like queries. By default, slop is set to 0 so that only exact phrases will match. When using TextParser you can use this syntax to specify the slop: "doug cutting"~2 will find documents that contain "doug cutting" as well as ones that contain "cutting doug".
Fields inherited from org.apache.lucene.queryParser.core.nodes.QueryNodeImpl:
PLAINTEXT_FIELD_NAME,  toQueryStringIgnoreFields
 public SlopQueryNode(QueryNode query,
    int value) 
    query - - QueryNode Tree with the phrase
    value - - slop value
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cloneTree,   getChild,   getField,   getValue,   setField,   toQueryString,   toString
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Method from org.apache.lucene.queryParser.core.nodes.SlopQueryNode Detail:
 public QueryNode cloneTree() throws CloneNotSupportedException 
 public QueryNode getChild() 
 public CharSequence getField() 
 public int getValue() 
 public  void setField(CharSequence fieldName) 
 public CharSequence toQueryString(EscapeQuerySyntax escapeSyntaxParser) 
 public String toString()