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public class: Priority [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    Level, XLevel

Refrain from using this class directly, use the Level class instead.
Field Summary
transient  int level     
transient  String levelStr     
transient  int syslogEquivalent     
public static final  int OFF_INT     
public static final  int FATAL_INT     
public static final  int ERROR_INT     
public static final  int WARN_INT     
public static final  int INFO_INT     
public static final  int DEBUG_INT     
public static final  int ALL_INT     
public static final  Priority FATAL   
    public static final  Priority ERROR   
      public static final  Priority WARN   
        public static final  Priority INFO   
          public static final  Priority DEBUG   
             protected Priority() 
             protected Priority(int level,
                String levelStr,
                int syslogEquivalent) 
              Instantiate a level object.
            Method from org.apache.log4j.Priority Summary:
            equals,   getAllPossiblePriorities,   getSyslogEquivalent,   isGreaterOrEqual,   toInt,   toPriority,   toPriority,   toPriority,   toPriority,   toString
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            Method from org.apache.log4j.Priority Detail:
             public boolean equals(Object o) 
              Two priorities are equal if their level fields are equal.
             public static Priority[] getAllPossiblePriorities() 
            Deprecated! This - method will be removed with no replacement.

              Return all possible priorities as an array of Level objects in descending order.
             public final int getSyslogEquivalent() 
              Return the syslog equivalent of this priority as an integer.
             public boolean isGreaterOrEqual(Priority r) 
              Returns true if this level has a higher or equal level than the level passed as argument, false otherwise.

              You should think twice before overriding the default implementation of isGreaterOrEqual method.

             public final int toInt() 
              Returns the integer representation of this level.
             public static Priority toPriority(String sArg) 
            Deprecated! Please - use the Level#toLevel(String) method instead.

             public static Priority toPriority(int val) 
            Deprecated! Please - use the Level#toLevel(int) method instead.

             public static Priority toPriority(int val,
                Priority defaultPriority) 
            Deprecated! Please - use the Level#toLevel(int, Level) method instead.

             public static Priority toPriority(String sArg,
                Priority defaultPriority) 
            Deprecated! Please - use the Level#toLevel(String, Level) method instead.

             public final String toString() 
              Returns the string representation of this priority.